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We are proud to partner with our clients in the mining industry. In this digital era, LWS understands the importance for our customers to have accurate mapping and data of their mine and tunnel assets. We can help reduce costs and enhance efficiencies by working with you to optimize grade control and mineral concentration variabilities. This important information also provides for the safety of the miners working in the area. From cadastral, aerial, topographic, construction and location surveys, LWS has you covered.

Meet our Team

James Redmon

James Redmon

President, LWS US

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Director of Business Development - Mining

What our clients are saying

I enjoy working with a company who always understands my expectations of them, regardless of the type of project or location, and LWS is that Company.

Marisse Williams, PMP, Sr. Project Manager

EN Engineering

The LWS team have been exceptional to work with. Their attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines is impressive and makes them a vital member of the design team.

Jose Villagomez, P.E.

Villagomez Engineering Company