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As the renewable energy revolution has continued to gain momentum across America and throughout the world, we here at LWS stand ready for your next project. Whether you need a boundary survey for a solar installation, staking for the construction of wind turbines, or using UAVs to inspect existing facilities, LWS prides itself on being the perfect partner by providing consistent service, performance, and deliverables.  We achieve this by having a nationwide footprint with strategic office locations, PLS licensure covering most of the United States, and field personnel willing and able to travel and work anywhere.

This, combined with our robust UAV services, help LWS achieve success on any renewable energy project anywhere in the country.  Our high-tech UAVs ensure our clients receive the most accurate data in a timely and efficient manner. In addition, using aerial technology mitigate some of the safety risks when inspecting wind turbines and solar panels.

Meet our Team

John Z. Wilson, PLS

John Z. Wilson, PLS

Vice President of Operations

Jeremy J. Miller

Jeremy J. Miller

Director of Business Development-Utilities & Renewables U.S.

Chris Higgins

Chris Higgins

Director of Utilities & Renewables

What our clients are saying

I enjoy working with a company who always understands my expectations of them, regardless of the type of project or location, and LWS is that Company.

Marisse Williams, PMP, Sr. Project Manager

EN Engineering

The LWS team have been exceptional to work with. Their attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines is impressive and makes them a vital member of the design team.

Jose Villagomez, P.E.

Villagomez Engineering Company