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Supporting each market sector within LWS stands a fully committed, certified staff of professionals using the latest mapping and design software and technologies. The team spans the globe making use of regional knowledge to better serve our clients. Our quality assurance process and advanced drafting standards ensure our products are top class.

Key Geospatial Services
          • Preliminary Design Alignment Sheets
          • As-built/Construction Alignment Sheets
          • Certified Ingress/Egress Property Plats
          • Noncertified Property Exhibit Drawings
          • Permit Drawings
          • Site Plan Development Drawings
          • Water Retention Design Schematics
          • Well Package Creation
          • Access Road Workbooks
          • Blue Sky Certified Staff

The experience you need, where you need it

You can count on us to be the best, safest, most responsive, and trusted leading global service provider of survey and geospatial solutions across all industries, combining the best in people and technology. Our team provides the solutions to your challenges, and we do that by empowering, training, and valuing our team members.