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Our team assigned to support the Governmental market sector has a collective 100 years of surveying and mapping experience working with other municipalities’ various planning, utility, and roadway departments, and related municipal water reservoirs. We live and work in the areas we serve and are familiar with the terrain, environment, and rapid growth challenges the various agencies must address in every decision. We are familiar with approving agencies’ requirements, including the EARZ, TCEQ, TGLO, EPA, and the Professional Land Surveying Practices Act.


LWS understands there are several tasks that need to be tied together to ensure project deliveries are successful.  Our approach to each project is based on our experience on similar projects and in similar conditions. Our staffing plans, production rates, and schedule estimates are based on our knowledge of the regional topography, and analysis of the project plans. Having decades of professional land surveying and mapping experience leading multiple teams and projects, LWS stands ready to assist you with your project needs.  



We are committed to providing our local communities with solutions that will maximize resource efficiency, reduce risk, and complete and deliver the projects on schedule and within budget and scope. We pride ourselves on performing at an exceptional level. We have instituted strategic advantages, best-known practices, and cost-saving measures that we believe make us the best and right choice to perform quality Land Surveying and Plat Preparation services.

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What our clients are saying

I enjoy working with a company who always understands my expectations of them, regardless of the type of project or location, and LWS is that Company.

Marisse Williams, PMP, Sr. Project Manager

EN Engineering

The LWS team have been exceptional to work with. Their attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines is impressive and makes them a vital member of the design team.

Jose Villagomez, P.E.

Villagomez Engineering Company