Reasons Why You Need a Land Surveyor

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When it comes to property development projects, people often miss out on how important it is to hire a land surveyor. At LW Survey, we have devised a team of land surveyors who can assist you with your development projects, regardless of their nature. Land surveyors use high-end equipment and mathematical tools to analyze the project before the construction work can begin thoroughly. Be it construction from scratch or adding an extension to an already developed site, hiring a land surveyor near me is always a good idea.

To further convince you, we have compiled a list of reasons below as to why you need a land surveyor.

  • Want to build a new fence on your property

You might want to give your site a new look or make some improvements to the current version. For this reason, if you have decided to build a new fence on your property, then there are a few things that you have to take care of. First and foremost, you need to make sure that you are aware of where your property’s boundary lies and that the area where you plan on building the fence falls well within the property’s boundary.


To ensure the limits of your boundary, you will have to hire a land surveyor who can use their specialized tools and techniques to help determine the boundary lines once you have established where the boundary lines, you can only build your fence without the fear of trespassing or facing any consequences that could arise as a result.

  • Property lines and boundary lines

Regardless of whether you are planning on making any changes to your property, it is always a good idea to have an accurate knowledge of where your boundaries and property lines are. If your house was built recently, then there is a high chance that you might have an incorrect assumption about your property lines since the pegs can sometimes be moved during construction. 


Our nationwide land surveyors are highly trained professionals trained to give you a detailed assessment of your boundary lines. After establishing your legal boundaries, you can then proceed to make whatever changes you want to your property, be it building a driveway, installing a fence, or constructing a sunroom.

  • Resolving disputes with neighbors

It is very ubiquitous to find yourself in a situation where you and your neighbor cannot land on the same page regarding the boundary lines of your homes. In instances like this, a title re-establishment is required, which is a legal document that helps decide where the boundary lines are for each property. This document can help resolve the issue smoothly without causing things to heat up. Your land surveyor is a critical person in the making of this document.

  • Zoning Classifications

When it comes to making changes to your property, specific changes might fall out of the legal limits. It is dependent on whether your property falls in the residential zone or a light industrial zone. However, this can sometimes not be common knowledge, and site owners will need a land survey to understand better what zone their property lies in.

  • Water bodies and utility installations

Before buying your property, you must have been aware of the water bodies present in the vicinity. However, some underground properties can go unnoticed, and a land survey can give you a better idea of the apparent and unapparent water bodies present in your area. Similarly, a land survey can also help you determine whether power companies can use a portion of your property for their line or pole installations.


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