A Short Guide to Why Land Surveying is Important

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Land Survey

The most crucial preliminary action to take before jumping towards the process of constructing a new building is Land Surveying. Despite it being extremely significant, a lot of people tend to forgo its importance. No matter whether you’re constructing a home, a retail building, a simple warehouse or an extensive business venture premises, you need to go for this step.

Understanding why land surveying is important:

In the simplest possible words, land surveying is a process in which the land is measured and mapped with the help of technology specified for this purpose. It ensures that the boundaries of the new building are well-measured and the inside is well-crafted. It is a substantial activity that is performed to ensure whether the land where the construction process is started is the right place for the said purpose or not. The fact that all the civil engineering projects are started only after the land surveying is done further explains the importance of this process.

The Top 4 Reasons Why Land Surveying is Important

  1. Understanding the area

Not every location is correct for every kind of building. The distance of the site needs to be measured from various points before choosing it finally. A vertical distance of the site aids in planning the construction in a much reliable manner. This measured distance gives an accurate quantification of the material that would be used in the construction process. Hence, a good idea of the possible cost incurred in the process of setting up the building is made. Furthermore, time is saved as half of the paperwork and assessment is done during this process and the construction process gets hassle-free.

  1. Being aware of encroachment

Another reason why land surveying is important is that it gives a fair chance to the builder to avoid any kind of encroachment controversy. Ensuring that he doesn’t step on someone’s property, not someone tried to step on his in the future is possible only once he has opted for a detailed land surveying activity. It would clear the property lines as well as the corners, making the dimensions much clearer and visible. A lot of land surveying companies offer land surveying services that help in reducing all chances of future disputes and controversies.

  1. Makes the work of construction teams easier

The construction teams already have to deal with a million things. Taking the burden of confusion off their shoulders would give them great relief. A well-conducted land surveying makes it easier for the construction teams to manage the building of roads and drains easily. The right stats will aid them in putting the right pipes in the right places. The land survey reports give confidence to the teams.

  1. Makes things safer

What if, due to lack of knowledge, you end up building something in an earthquake-prone area? A single jolt may end up with a huge loss for you. The land surveying company can give you a detailed and complete plan of whether the site falls in a risk zone or not. Alongside this, the team of experts working with this company provide details regarding the documents that you, as a buyer, need to have to buy the property!