How is a Land Survey Different From a Boundary Survey?

by | Oct 18, 2021 | Land Survey

A land survey applies modern and conventional techniques to measure and locate existing structures, elevations, angles, and boundaries. At the same time, a boundary survey focuses on the formal limits of a property.

At LW Survey, our professional team has vast knowledge and experience in all survey-related fields such as law, math, engineering, and physics to establish property boundaries. Our specialized equipment includes GPS, software, prisms, radios, and robot stations for our FL land surveying.


You may require our services when:

  • Purchasing or selling property.
  • Installing septic systems for your custom home.
  • Installing fences or dividing your land into small parcels.
  • Establishing if someone is breaching your property rights.


What is a Land Survey?

Texas land surveying enables one to understand their land boundary. There are different forms of land surveying, including the topographical and boundary survey.


Topographical survey

This type of CO land survey is perfect if you want to determine your land’s natural and artificial characteristics. These may include hills, rivers, buildings, trees, and any other natural state improvements. With the topographical survey, land surveyors can further establish the height, size, length, and location of such improvements, besides the changes experienced over time.

Unlike residential land surveys, there is a focus on elevation rather than horizontal measurements. FL land survey is done using electronic EDM devices or a GPS. The findings are put down as contour lines on the ground map.

Today, advanced computer programs allow for soft copy versions of the ground maps and other views of the land. With CAD programs, the data acquired enables architects and engineers to show interested parties how new plans may change the topography, making CO land surveying crucial.


What is a Boundary Survey?

For any property owner, knowing your limits or that of others in accessing it is critical. It gets tricky when it gets to mining or drilling properties, as disagreements are common. In that case, a boundary survey will help clear the air and establish the corners of the parcels.

It is advisable to carry out this TX land survey before purchasing, splitting, or making any improvements on the land. A land surveyor will start by measuring, marking, and mapping the boundary lines of the property. Going through the property records and the neighboring ones, the surveyor can establish accurate measurements of the land ownership, and the owner may use this as proof of limits. In some cases, boundary surveying may include speaking with previous owners.

After in-depth research, the fieldwork begins to establish the control network of known crossing points. The crossing points are used to search and locate constructions and other existing boundary evidence.

Conversely, while fieldwork may seem like the main job of land surveyors, it only accounts for a third of the entire project. Using the research and the fieldwork findings, the surveyor can use the detailed information to determine exact limits. Finally, the boundary surveyor will create a plan, legal descriptions, and a detailed report.

Upon completion, the property owner can hold the property plan, building descriptions, and boundary reports with their judgments.