Why Is Adverse Possession Needed?

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Things can become complicated when purchasing land or moving onto new land. Many people do not know what to do in certain situations when they are faced with a utilities survey or with other legal matters. Luckily, LW Survey can assist you through the process of adverse possession and other important situations when you are purchasing land or when you are interested in moving onto new land. For those of you who do not know what this kind of possession is, it is a policy where legal problems can be solved regarding who owns certain parts of their land. This policy is essential to have in place because many people have argued about the possession of land, and many problems have occurred in general. With this possession policy in place, people will be at peace with what they own and what they do not own, and there will be no further complications moving forward. Our Colorado business hopes that you do not find yourself in one of these complicated situations. 


Adverse Possession Example 

Explaining what possession of adverse is might not be enough for you to fully understand, so we want to walk you through an example of one. Many small situations occur when it comes to land, such as a utilities survey, so these policies are crucial to comprehend. This possession policy should be in place if someone wants to buy a house with an addition attached to it, like a garage. The house might have been built long before the garage was built, so there might be boundary restrictions. The person who buys the home has to then hire a company that can help them transfer the garage into their name. This involves tasks like boundary surveys. Next, the company might find that the garage is not on the same land as the house, so essentially, the people who bought the house cannot trespass onto the other land and use their garage. Possession of adverse would be necessary, so the person who buys the house can also have the garage in their name, so they are not trespassing. 


Legal Action 

Sometimes the possession of adverse process goes smoothly, but sometimes, people will put up a fight if the sellers of the home do not want other people on their land. In this case, the sellers and the people who bought the house would have to go to court and sort everything out there to claim possession of adverse. 



Possession of adverse is extremely important because people would run into all kinds of legal issues with land, and it would be difficult to solve. Having a policy in place for these specific situations makes everything much easier. It is important to keep tabs on details like possession of land, a utilities survey, and other matters that come with purchasing a new home. 


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We hope that LW Survey has helped you understand adverse possession clearly, so you know what you might be up against in the future if you decide to purchase a new home. Many details become lost in these cases, so make sure that you understand policies like this one. Contact us today in Colorado for more information.