What is a Land Survey?

by | Oct 1, 2021 | Land Survey

A land survey refers to the process of understanding your land boundaries. It is usually performed by land surveyors, who can describe, locate, monument, and map out the corners and boundaries of your parcel of land.


Who Are Land Surveyors?

A land surveyor is a professional individual trained in the intricacies of math, law, and engineering.

Their work is to establish and work out property boundaries through prisms, GPS, radios, software, and robotics to complete the survey.

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Why get your land surveyed?

Well, as a property owner, you should get your property surveyed any time, although, most of the time, you will want to hire a surveyor when in the process of constructing or buying a home.

The survey ordered helps in transferring the land from one buyer to another.

Now, even though you are buying land without any construction plans, it’s always wise to have the land surveyed beforehand.


Types of Surveys

Mortgage Location Survey

The lender or the title insurer normally orders this type of survey. The Residential MLS is typically intended to prove that the improvements are actually located within the property as described in the legal description.


ALTA Survey

This is normally contracted by the lender, attorneys, or Title Company, and they represent the parties involved in the commercial property refinance purchase and improvement.

ALTA is normally based on specific standards that were put in force jointly by the American Land Title Association. They utilize the universal standard and provide confidence in all the results given.


Boundary survey

This is used to identify the boundary lines for your property, and in this type, a land surveyor near me will set or recover the corners of your property and produce a detailed map or plat.

To accomplish this, they will research the field and take some measurements and calculations.


Topographic survey

Most survey companies near me will include preparation and field measurements when doing a topographic survey to establish any land elevations.

The commercial or residential property owners typically contract it before making any improvements such as landscaping, additions, and parking lots.



If you have been wondering, “what is a land survey?” we hope that we have enlightened you. Investing in one ensures peace of mind for both the present and any future needs down the road. When one of your most significant investments is documented and accurately protected, you can manage to decide on it.

If you wish to have your land surveyed, a simple search for “surveyors near me” to start your survey today.