The Ultimate Guide to Land Surveying and Mapping

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It is essential to take the precaution of knowing the exact boundaries of your property before doing anything substantial with it. You can do this through the process of land and topographic survey.

Land surveying is the science and art of determining and outlining a property’s boundaries, dimensions, and physical features. In comparison, a topographic survey focuses on the depth, height, size, and location of the natural and artificial features on the land. Topographical surveys focus on elevation, while boundary surveys are about horizontal dimensions. If you are looking for such services on your property, contact the LW Survey company for assistance.

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Land Surveyor

The land survey report has legal import. You must therefore ensure that the land survey is done by a qualified professional.

A qualified land surveyor meets the following criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in the related field or land surveying and four years’ experience subordinate to a licensed land surveyor. He must have been responsible for the accuracy of the work.
  2. If the degree is in an unrelated field, he must have 25 semester hours in a related course unit and six years’ experience subordinate to a licensed land surveyor. In 5 of which he was responsible for the accuracy of the work.
  3. He must have taken and passed both the Fundamentals of Surveying and Principles and Practice of Surveying exams. Likewise, he must have sat and passed the qualifying exam of his state.
  4. The LS (Land Surveyor) and the LB (Surveying and Mapping Business) licenses are issued.

Why Do Land Surveys?

The purpose of doing a land survey is to identify a piece of property by its boundaries and its features. This is important for the sake of transactions involving the property, like buying and selling.

It also helps in developing the land. You have to know where the boundaries lie before you can fence, build or plant on the land. The land survey also helps in resolving disputes about the land and aids in subdividing the land.

Types of Land Survey 

  1. Boundary Survey- This ascertains the boundaries of the land. The surveyor produces this from both public records and measurements taken on the land. The boundary survey report sets or recovers the boundaries of the land.
  2. Topographic Survey- This survey is based on the measurement of the land focusing on the elevation of the natural and artificial features upon it. Therefore, it is an essential step before developing the land. The average topographic survey cost is $ 500. Several factors determine the cost.
  3. ALTA/ACSM Survey- These are standard in commercial real estate transactions. They are done according to standards set by ALTA and NSPS. The survey report is in-depth, focusing on boundaries as well as all the encumbrances upon the land.
  4. Aerial Mapping Survey- Survey aircraft capture high-quality topographic data of areas so large or remote to survey conventionally. Some aerial mapping companies like LW Survey Company employ unmanned drones to achieve it successfully.
  5. Partition Survey- This is necessary when a property has to be divided into smaller plots.

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