Solar Land Surveying Is Important When Considering Solar Energy!

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If your company is looking into solar energy, now is the time to get your solar land surveying done and complete. LW Survey can assist your business with solar surveying all throughout the US, getting you the dimensions and plans you need to tackle your next project quickly and efficiently.


Important First Step

Land surveys are crucial in determining the best location of your solar energy plant. These surveys can improve both the effectiveness and safety of the entire project, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. To get the most efficiency and productivity out of your plant, having the land surveys will help discover potential hotspots or places where there is little to no sun production. This in turn will lead to poor performance of your solar panels, and can lead to malfunction. With land survey technology, you will be able to simulate where the sunlight will be throughout the day, enabling you to better understand where to place your solar panels. It can also simulate sunlight falling not just through the day, but also during the seasons, giving you an even bigger picture of where potential dead zones may lie on the property. Having these simulations will show the areas where there is constant sun so your solar panels are receiving light evenly everyday. 


Solar Land Surveying

Another critical step in your land and building potential is ensuring your previous land surveys are correct. If your parcel of land is quite extensive, and potentially rural, it will be worth doing another land survey to make sure everything is correct. The last thing you want to do is start placing your panels and using the land, only to discover the numbers were not correct, and some of your panels are in a neighboring residence or lot instead. During the land survey, it’s key to notice any topographical issues that may affect your solar plant. You will most likely be avoiding any leveling of the land as this is an expensive and quite intensive process, depending on how big of a solar plant you are building, and oftentimes there is enough specific land to use without having to mess with it previously. A topographic land survey will help you understand where the current relief is and the amount of change necessary to achieve the best patch of land. This will help you find the most level parcels of land within your property, helping to further along your solar surveying. 


Another key component to any good land survey is 3D models. Using these models can help you with placing your solar plant too, as well as creating 3D models of your installation itself. This proves invaluable as it can simulate how much weight your installation will be, and whether the land you have selected can withstand it, or whether it will lead to land erosion or cause too much load on the ground. 3D models can also determine the solar installation impact on the surrounding terrain. This helps with environmental surveys and whether the solar installation will impact any protected territories nearby. 


Maintenance Of The Land

It’s equally important that after your solar surveying and installation, you maintain the surrounding land and infrastructure properly. Conducting periodic surveys using drones can help determine any damages that the human eye could miss, such as overheating panels or hairline cracks. Regular maintenance checks on your installation will improve the overall efficiency, and help you avoid any malfunctions or safety and health hazards.  Properly conducting land surveys before and after helps your whole operation run smoothly from start to finish, and beyond.


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