What is a Topographic Survey and How Can it Be Used?

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Before you get into the middle of planning any building project – renovation or landscaping – you must first obtain a complete property boundary survey. Doing surveys before building a project is as important as employing the building work to an experienced engineering company team. Are you looking for one of the best engineering companies for you? Check out LW Survey – it is one of the most recommended engineering companies of all time. The company’s experts can provide their clients with detailed information on property survey projects. 


Overview Of Property Survey Project 

Before you plan to purchase a new home for yourself – allow engineers to carry out a detailed property survey. At times, these surveys may result in significant renovation suggestions to the existing property. However, it is entirely up to the clients to proceed with these renovations or not. 

There are two main purposes of carrying out property boundary survey – 

  • It is essential for the validation of the properties value. 
  • To confirm that the property is constructed according to the local property regulations.  

These two purposes are highly crucial to keep in mind while buying a new property. Thus, one must do a property survey in great detail beforehand to show the borders, legal history, and nature of the building’s environment, i.e. yards, roadways, etc. 


Need Of Survey Before Building a Project – 

It is crucial to get a boundary survey done before buying, improving, subdividing or constructing land. These property surveys ensure that there are no extra costs to advocate, move or resolve any frontier dispute of the property. 

Two critical components based on the boundary survey to look for are – 

  • Land registry research
  • Field research. 

The land surveyor must note down all the physical measurements of the site after the detailed property boundary survey. Researchers must conduct documentary research by considering all the legitimate documents of the property such as certificates of title, survey reports, sub-divisional maps and serving papers. Comparing Both these sets of documents help to determine whether there are any discrepancies or not. 


How To Search For Property Survey?

Here is how you can find property surveys:

  • Online 

The best place to start with is to check all the public records of the city in which you are buying the property online. All the property survey project records are available online. The digitized survey information is also available in the local municipal office. The survey and the development plans of the property are approved with zonal regulations. Online registration is becoming a boom not just because of digitalization but also because it holds counties less responsible for online information. 


  • County Clerk’s Office 

At times, the property surveys are filed in either municipalities or towns of the county. Other than your property boundary survey, you can also find details of the survey report of the previous owners in the office. Moreover, it is vital to have information on prior sales and property deeds to avoid any problems in future. If, by chance, the survey reports are incomplete or unavailable, then you can anytime connect to the county’s plat map.


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