Why Do You Need a Land Surveyor?

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Are you looking for a land surveyor who will conduct a well thought out and detailed survey? At Scalice land surveying, we have a team of professional surveyors who will construct surveys that will cover different aspects of your land, including measurements of your land, its map and various reports. 


Land surveys are designed in such a way that they not only target commercial areas of land but can also be designed to cater to residential areas. Land surveys can play an important in helping you map out a new piece of land or avoid any issues about your area of land, such as encroachment. Keep reading to find out more about our land surveyors and how they can benefit you!


Using Surveys For Property Lines And Dimensions

When it comes to land surveys, different types of surveys are conducted, each having its purpose. For correctly identifying property lines and dimensions, land surveyors carry out boundary surveys. These surveys are targeted towards outlining the boundaries of properties and the corners and edges that exist on the property.


Once the survey has been carried out, landowners can then use the results of this survey to their advantage because it provides them with a better overall idea of where their property starts and ends. It also plays a valuable part in instances where landowners try to extend their property and have a better idea of their newly constructed property outline. In some parts of the world, it is even necessary for landowners to hire professional and licensed land surveyors to carry out any construction on their land. 


Using A Boundary Land Survey To Your Advantage

In addition to giving the owner a better overall idea of the outline of their property, boundary surveys also play an important in preventing and minimizing any property disputes that might occur. Without efficiently planned land surveys, people can be unsure of where their property starts and ends. They help set out defined lines for property owners that helps in preventing any encroachment issues that could occur. 


Your boundary survey can serve as legal evidence if you ever encounter a court case regarding your property or if you are tangled in any land dispute. 


Other Uses of Land Surveys

In addition to boundary surveys and the perks attached with them, there are several other uses that you can obtain through efficient surveys carried out by your land surveyors. By correctly incorporating mathematics, architecture and any necessary software into the survey, you can end up with very valid and relevant results.


Be it correctly measuring the dimensions of your land or mapping out your property lines, as well as providing any necessary advice to land designers and architects; land surveys are ideal for all. Land surveys play an essential part in the initial stages of land development and construction; they are also used when any upgrades have to be made to the property. 

For instance, if you want to construct a pool on your property or extend your driveway or make necessary amendments to the structure of your property, you can refer back to the results obtained through your land survey. 


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