Land Surveyor vs. Construction Surveyor

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If you’re new to the building and construction world, it may seem dizzying with all the different surveys, blueprints, permits, and codes you may need before you break ground. But, if you are debating whether you need a land surveyor vs. a construction surveyor, don’t worry. Instead, let LW Survey help you with the nitty-gritty details and get you a precise and detailed survey no matter what you need to make your new building great.

What Is Land Surveying?

A land survey revolves around establishing boundaries for land, buildings, and other construction and land areas at its core. It is usually for a piece of land or property and can be commercial or residential. When original land surveys need to be reestablished or confirmed to be the original parameters from years ago, a land survey will need to be done as well. Think of any time you’ve owned a home where you can’t recall who technically owns the fencing on one side of the property and other such circumstances. Many different techniques will go into establishing a survey, including 3D scanners, surveying software, prisms, GPS receivers, radios, and more. Land surveyors will use physics, engineering, and mathematics as well while establishing the specific boundaries. Most surveyor jobs are more related to commercial use, as establishing proper and accurate boundaries is vital before any new construction can begin. You’ll want to ensure the structure you put up isn’t accidentally encroaching on another person’s property line after the fact. Surveyors also ensure the ground for the structures is the flattest and built for the weight and integrity involved. 

What Is Construction Surveying?

On the other side of the spectrum is construction surveying. This is also centered around establishing boundaries but in more heavy construction and architecture-related industries. For example, building new bridges, highways, high-rise buildings, pipes, pillars, and many other components. It’s almost a “specialty” as the construction surveyor will help establish the solid ground for new construction and the ideal locations for them. For example, if you notice on some highways why the curve of the road and the bridges and ramps are in certain locations, that’s from a construction surveyor doing their job right. They may also help with building these structures but will typically return once the projects are done for a final review. 

Land Surveyors 

There are legal requirements within the scope of a land surveyor, including taking legal responsibility for a survey’s results. A land surveyor will work with a direct team to get the survey completed quickly and efficiently. They will write up legal documents in regards to a description of the land parcel. They can help settle legal disputes between neighbors regarding land and property lines and can even be involved in investigating the causes of car crashes. To be a land surveyor, you will need to graduate from a four-year college and obtain state licenses. This job is projected to grow in the upcoming years with all the new buildings happening in the United States and updating a lot of pre-existing, older structures.

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Now that you know the difference between a land survey vs. a construction survey, it’s time to continue with your newest construction project. LW Survey has over two decades of experience in surveying, producing expertly and highly skilled surveys for several projects. So call us today to get started!