Which Type Of Land Surveying Is The Best For You

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Is this the year you finally break ground on your dream house? Before you draw up the blueprints, it is wise to take note of every boundary and corner. 


We are LW Survey Company, and we have spent more than 20 years providing unmatched surveying, mapping, and data management services to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing comprehensive services that exceed client expectations.  


Purchasing and developing property is a largescale project that many assume because they want full control of the final product. Professional land surveying provides valuable details about your property that can help you make informed decisions about the future of your property. 


Read on to learn more about land surveys and the different types available.  


Why Hire A Land Surveying Company?

A land survey is performed by professionals trained in the law, math, engineering, and physics. A successful survey does the following:


  • Establishes property boundaries, 
  • Describes the topography of the parcel 
  • Describes the location of buildings 
  • Provides recommendations for possible improvements  


Surveyors may use special equipment to accomplish these tasks. Specialized equipment may include a GPS, robotic total stations, radios, prisms, and other specialized software. 


Surveyors are not only employed at the onset of new construction, however. A property owner should consider hiring a land surveyor whenever they need to know the exact boundaries of their ownership. Surveyors are typically hired when: 


  • Property is bought or sold
  • The land is divided or consolidated into parcels 
  • Installing septic systems, fencing, or similar upgrades
  • Property lines are under dispute 


What Kinds Of Surveys Are Available?

There are different types of surveys available. Which type you choose will depend on the land’s use and your individual needs. Here is a brief introduction to the major types of land surveys available.  


  • Boundary Survey – Survey to identify boundary lines. Surveyor sets or recovers property corners, producing a plat or map. This is accomplished through public records search and field research that includes a series of measurements and calculations. 


  • Topographic Survey – Identifies field measurements and land elevations to produce a plat. Property owners commission these surveys in preparation for improvement projects such as landscaping, additions, and even parking lots. 


  • Mortgage Location Survey – Contracted by mortgage lenders or insurers, this survey provides proof that the property is as described. The plat must include information directly collected from the property site, not solely collected from the public record. 


  • ALTA Survey – Also contracted for commercial purposes by lenders, title companies, or attorneys, this survey verifies standards held by the American Land Title Association and the American on Surveying and Mapping are met. 


Need Help Finding The Best Company For You? 

Land surveyors are required to hold wide-ranging expertise. That is why you want to make sure that you choose a surveying company with experience and a reputation of excellence that you can rely on. 


At LW Survey Company, we believe that satisfying our clients is the only way to run a successful organization. With more than 20 years in business, our client-centered focus has served us well. 


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