Land Survey For Fence Installation

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If you’re looking into buying some property, it can feel like there’s a million and one things to do. There’s inspections, paperwork, and oftentimes forgotten land surveys. The listing of the home most likely has some specifications of where the land ends and what your overall land will be, but they can sometimes be incorrect. If you need a land survey for fence installation to secure your property, LW Survey can help. We have been conducting a variety of surveys for years, anything from commercial to residential, to fences to building property. 


Previous Surveys

For many people, they may not think about surveys until after the property is already bought. Most homes will already have some pre-established land lines around the property, and most people go with what was previously plotted out and written into the property listings and details. Sometimes these measurements can change or be incorrect, though, leaving you with faulty lines of property that can make your life difficult down the road. It’s not that the survey wasn’t done correctly previously, but that properties change hands over the years, getting torn down and replaced with other structures. Survey equipment has also come a long way technologically speaking, so something may have been surveyed correctly years ago, but with 3D and laser measurements, they are going to be much more precise now. 

Some neighbors may not care if you’re technically encroaching onto their property, but some neighbors may take their property lines more seriously, and may not be as open to sharing property. If you don’t have a fence already, surveying for a fence may be in your best interest, simply to ensure you have the correct property lines in the event you do install a fence or don’t want to cause any unnecessary trouble with your neighbors.    


Establishing Previous Surveys

You can try to search for your original property lines on your land, which are usually pretty simple to find. The last survey contractor would have used steel pins to plant into the ground in certain intervals to mark the property lines. These pins should be at each intersecting corner, no matter what the dimensions or shape of your lot may be. The pins are typically one-inch concrete-filled pipes driven into the ground, although they may be covered up by dirt and other debris since they were last put in. If you have any plans of the original survey and lot layout, you may be able to find them on your own and give you a good idea of the property lines. If it has been years and years since the last fence survey, however, it may be a good idea to search for “fence surveying near me” and get some assistance on establishing clear, correct fence lines on your property.   


Process of a Survey

Depending on the amount of land needing to be surveyed, the process can be quick and painless. The fence surveyor will collect all the documents you have on the original surveys, plus any records they can find at libraries and other city buildings to compare other measurements and survey plots. Once all the paperwork is collected and looked over, a surveyor will come out to your property and re-establish the property lines, working methodically on the ground. They may need to go onto your neighbor’s properties to double check some measurements and lines, so it’s always a good idea to give them a heads up. The surveyor will then find the original boundary lines, ensure they are still correct, and if not, establish the new fence lines. 


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