As one of the largest surveying and mapping firms in North America, LW Survey Company has the resources, technology and industry experience to support your projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Russia.

Oil and Gas Industry.jpg


We have extensive experience surveying oil and gas pipelines. Whether it is a small project, or one that requires multiple phases over several years, we have the knowledge, experience and proprietary technology to manage any project from beginning to end.

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With a broad base of project experience, LWS provides civil development services that span from large-scale master plans to individual site designs.

Renewable Energy Industry.jpg


With years of experience and involvement in renewable energy markets, LWS recognizes the complex nature of our client’s projects and offers comprehensive services to meet those needs.

Telecommunications Industry.jpg


LWS employs the latest GPS technology to identify the most solid coordinate site base for your cellular tower. Our expertise, coupled with our powerful proprietary tools, provides the telecommunications industry with accurate wide-area surveys in the least amount of time.

Rail Industry.jpg


We are committed to providing our clients with the best and most cost effective methods to quickly and accurately locate rail geometry for their projects.

Electric-Transmission Industry.jpg


LWS has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the acquisition of rights of way for electric service companies throughout the United States. From conception to completion, we have successfully managed hundreds of miles of electric power projects.

Roadway Industry.jpg


LWS has extensive road surveying expertise, including route surveying and as-built capabilities. We will partner with you to choose the right tools to deliver efficient and effective surveying and mapping solutions.

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LWS is a leader in providing topographic surveying and mapping for the mining sector. Our team of highly skilled surveying professionals offers services to support mineral exploration, mine management, planning and rehabilitation.

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We work with tribal and government agencies as well as civil and environmental engineers to provide expert, accurate land surveys and topographic maps. Our portfolio includes both public and private projects from railways to highways and everything in between.