Highway Construction Surveying In America

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Highway surveying is a particular type of surveying on lands conducted for government agencies, mainly during the planning stages of a highway development project. During the construction process, highway construction surveying in America ensures the execution is planned, and roads are located precisely where they should be. In addition, construction surveying provides an accurate layout of roads, utilities, drainage systems, overhead wires, and nearby buildings in the United States after the highway is built. So, if you are looking for highway survey mapping, LW Survey is your best choice in the United States. We have years of experience and quality service delivery with industries, government agencies, and other local and international industries.


What Is The Role Of Construction Surveyors In Highway Construction Surveying In America?


Construction surveyors do not only determine how the land must be prepared before the construction of the highway; they equally help engineers in the mapping of optimal routes. Grading slopes, curves, and the creation of tunnels and other features along the highway route is their responsibility. Construction surveyor’s roles can not be overemphasized; they must be involved before determining the path for placement of a highway. It is vital to understand an area’s geographic restrictions before construction. Therefore, one of the significant responsibilities of surveyors during the construction phase is mapping the routes. Surveyors provide input on locations and monitor the highway construction process to make sure they are located accurately.


After roads are built, additional surveys may still be needed for numerous reasons, ranging from repair or maintenance of the streets during accidents, reconstruction, and investigations. Technology has assisted in the advancement of surveying, so it is much easier and faster today than in the past. Our team at LW Survey are experts and well-equipped in on-road construction and reconstruction surveying; we are skillful and qualified professionals in surveying and will never disappoint you.


Our Qualified Team Handles Placement Process For The Highway At LW Survey


At LW Survey, we are specialists and experts. We collaborate with environmental and engineering experts to develop designs, permitting, and construction processes by capturing data through the land, water, and air.


Our professional and licensed surveyors are certified to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), terrestrial and mobile LiDAR experts, and provide surveys related to topographic, boundary, construction, and hydrographic. We have intelligent technologies and tools; you will find them very impressive.


What Is Our Level Of Expertise?


We have grown over the years by building strong relationships with local and national clients. We have equipped our staff with excellence, skills, and knowledge to ensure quality jobs at all levels. We have clients in various industries. We provide the following services:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Management
  • Emergency response and compliance
  • Assessment and remediation
  • Field services


Our company consists of engineers, Licensed Site Professionals (LSPs), environmental scientists, field technicians, and office support.


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