Surveying For Fence Installation

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Are you contemplating a fence installation around your property? It’s best to do it the right way! First, you should seek the help of a land surveyor who specializes in a boundary survey. But what if you know a few things about boundaries? Should you still enlist the help of these professionals? Yes! At LW Survey in Texas, with our modern equipment, we accurately measure the perimeter of your properties so that you won’t trespass. Why is that important?               

Why Hire A Surveyor For Fence Installation

As a homeowner, do you think you are well vast with boundaries, and hiring a land surveyor is not financially wise? Unfortunately, then, you are setting yourself up for some avoidable sad consequences. These consequences include: 

  • Wasted money 
  • A lawsuit from a neighbor. 

Therefore, before inviting your fencing crew to your home, make sure you contact an experienced surveyor from your region. When they visit your property, you’d be armed with the correct information regarding your home boundaries. Far from just building your fence, you’ll be aware of an updated record of your property location. This information is helpful in the future when you want to add more buildings within your property or if your neighbor trespasses. 

Installation Of Fence Isn’t A Do-It-Yourself 

Be reminded that fence construction isn’t a do-it-yourself project, and getting a surveyor is compulsory. You might be lured into trusting the words of a fence installer that they know your property line. If you are serious about doing the job the right way and within the code, you have to hire a surveyor for a boundary survey. 

Identifying Legal Land Limits

As mentioned earlier, it is common for fence contractors to tell you that they know the start and end of your property. However, when you hire surveyors to get it done, they obtain their complete details from the county’s deeds and plat map, ensuring that they have all information needed for the project. If you neglect the property line, you should be waiting for its consequences. Apart from the fear of a lawsuit, crossing your boundary will irritate your neighbor. Also, the city council might be involved too. They usually fine homeowners who engage in property line violations.

And what is more? When a fence isn’t installed well, there would be a need to remove and install it again. And you know what that means, waste of funds, time, and energy. In addition, if the installation is followed up with some construction addition like a treehouse or greenhouse, all of that will be removed. So why not let an expert get the job done so you can have peace of mind? 

Always think of demolition, reinstallation, litigations, and fines before you cut corners or before you go ahead to install your fence without inviting land surveyors. Are you worried about the cost of hiring a surveyor? You’ll need to meet a surveyor who will give you quality services within your budget.

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