Is Drone Aerial Mapping the Best Option for Your Project?

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When it comes to aerial mapping, drones have quickly become the most preferred technology. Owing to their ease of use and fast nature, they are among the most go-to options for carrying out land surveys and aerial mapping purposes. At LW Survey Company, we have incorporated drone technology into our survey practices. We are dedicated to providing our clients with accurate information and maximizing their satisfaction. 


What Factors Need To Be Accounted For Before Opting For Drone Aerial Mapping?

When it comes to drone aerial mapping, certain things need to be considered before embarking on the survey practice. First, the professionals you will hire will have to ask themselves specific questions before deciding whether drone aerial mapping is a feasible option or not and will produce the desired results.


First and foremost, you need to consider the weather. If the weather is towards an extremely windy side, then using drones would not be the wisest decision since it would hinder the effectiveness of the drone. On the other hand, if there are light winds, we can conclude that the weather favors aerial drone surveys. Secondly, the time within which you need the survey is also another essential factor that needs to be considered. Suppose you need your survey on an immediate basis and are looking for detailed results. In that case, opting for drones is a good option since they can produce results within a short time frame without compromising accuracy. 


Thirdly, you need to figure out whether the area that needs to be covered is small or large. Ideally, drones are used to survey areas that are anything between small and large sizes. Not only can they cover large areas of land, but they can do it quickly and will report the data back to you within a short amount of time. Using helicopters or airplanes for your aerial mapping is an option but drones, on the other hand, tend to produce results that have a higher resolution and better quality. 


Other than the size, it would help if you also analyzed the area’s terrain that you plan on surveying. When it comes to rough terrains, you can use other aerial mapping technologies too. However, drones are ideal for carrying out surveys inside a canyon or other such places. Drones can produce high-quality images of all terrains and provide you with highly detailed data that can further help you with your survey and mapping purposes.


Costs Of Using Drones For Aerial Mapping

In addition to deciding whether drones are ideal for your mapping needs or not, you also need to see if drone surveys can fit into your budget or not. Aerial mapping can be costly, but you can carry out these surveys without emptying your pockets! The lesser cost is because drones can carry out the survey quickly and do not need an entire team of people to operate and manage the drone, unlike helicopters and planes! Most importantly, this cheaper alternative to aerial mapping through planes and helicopters, drones do not compromise the quality of your results!


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