Characteristics of a Highway Construction Survey

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Before you begin your newest project, it’s critical to conduct a construction survey. Knowing what the land will bring before you begin digging and forming the earth for your structure is crucial for a solid foundation, and to avoid further issues down the road. LW Survey can assist you in the process from start to finish, conducting accurate and thorough surveys so you can get your project done right the first time.


What Is A Survey?

A basic land survey is typically conducted to establish boundary and property lines. This survey can help in setting property lines for residential homes and for when new construction projects are beginning, assisting the contractors and builders in knowing where to cut off buildings and where to place their structures within the boundary lines. 


Construction Survey

When a new highway or other structure is being constructed, a survey is always conducted to ensure the project is going in the right directions. This survey will involve staking out the location of the planned structures and improvements. This will ensure the construction workers know where the boundaries are when it comes to beginning the highway construction and where to build. The surveyor will examine the existing terrain and determine the best route, and help to minimize the amount of dirt that will need to be moved. They will also assist engineers in mapping out the best possible routes for the highway itself, ensuring accuracy and smooth transitions on the roads ahead. Oftentimes, determining where the bridges, the tunnels, and the on and off ramps of a highway are the most difficult locations to pinpoint, and a surveyor can assist in this process to make sure the positions are perfect. All of this can involve grading, curves, tunnel building, and other features along the driving routes. 


Once the preliminary measurements and surveying is done, the soil can be levelled and elevated, and construction will begin. The surveyor will again come out to the site to review the plans and make sure the surface is adequately constructed in compliance with the new roadway construction. A lot of this process is now done with GPS, enabling faster alignment of the road with the plans. With the measuring and leveling out of the way, the building can now begin. And with the use of 3D lasers for some of the measuring requirements, the ease of construction and limited closures allows for faster and more accurate information. The 3D models that are made not only show the maps of the actual construction site and road, but also barriers, overhead wires and other features. Following the construction of the highway, a surveyor can also be brought back to the site to assist with road repair, maintenance or reconstruction as the years go by and the highway starts to see some wear and tear, along with a few accidents. 


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Surveys are integral to the construction process and provide valuable information throughout every step of the construction. Trust only the best in survey companies to ensure accuracy and efficiency for your next land survey.   


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