Why Is A Civil Surveying Company Important in Civil Engineering?

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Civil engineering is a diverse sector that includes the construction of bridges, tunnels, pipelines, and a wide variety of other public works. Many of these public works are designed and created on public land, which can affect the environment and public safety in the long run. For this reason, civil surveying has become an integral process in preparing public land for a major construction. 

Through UAV mapping, project managers can gain critical insight into parameters of the project’s land. Below, you’ll find out why hiring a civil surveying company like LW Survey Company can impact your civil engineering project. 

What is Civil Surveying?

Civil surveying is simply the scouting of public land in preparation for a major construction project. The goal of a civil surveying session is to determine if the construction will negatively impact the environment. 

Most civil engineering projects, such as bridges and canals, are often placed on top of the environment. Therefore, it’s always in the best interest of community leaders, people, businesspeople, and project managers to maximize the integrity of the environment when developing a major construction project. 

To accomplish this goal, surveyors draw boundaries to separate private and public lands. They also inspect infrastructure to make sure the final construction will be safe for public use. 

The Importance of UAV Mapping

When it comes to inspecting major public works, direct human interaction is strongly discouraged. This is usually because public land before construction is dangerous for surveyors to inspect without the use of advanced technology. 

Also, technology can help in inspecting areas outside of the human eye. During high-risk surveys, mainly during pipeline and bridge construction projects, drones are used. This is commonly called UAV mapping

Drones can get into areas where people can’t and ultimately conduct extensive surveys to determine the safety of building a public work. While minimizing risks to personnel, drones are an ideal choice to lead surveying expeditions for all types of construction projects. 

The Impact of Surveying on Engineering Proposals

Accurate survey data can help improve the success of an engineering proposal. Major engineering projects require some type of approval by the public, either through lawmakers or direct voting procedures. 

Concerned citizens will be naturally against any project that threatens the environment or is dangerous to the public. By conducting an in-depth survey, lawmakers can create 3-D simulations that can show a completed project in the environment.

This can help the convince the public that a particular engineering project is in their best interest and devoid of concerning safety issues. Also, data from a survey can indicate that a project is generally unsafe, which is information lawmakers will need to know as well. 

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As you can see, civil surveying is important to ensure that an engineering project is both feasible and safe. It’s essential that you consider this route to minimize the risk your team can sustain if they perform this type of work on their own. 

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