What is a Boundary Survey?

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A vital aspect of property ownership is identifying where the limit lies. Whether you own private or commercial land or property, you should know where your limits lie. Without a clear boundary, arguments will arise, and it can even result in a lawsuit. To avert this trouble, you need boundary surveys. But what is a boundary survey? LW Survey has provided that answer in this article! Also, if you need a “boundary survey near me,” call us today! Speak with one of our licensed surveyors that service all of the US, focus on TX, CO, and FL!


Understanding Boundary Surveys?

What is a boundary survey? A boundary survey is a vital part of land surveys that verifies the perimeter of land or property before purchasing or building on it. Because of its importance, it is crucial to engage only licensed surveyors. An accurate boundary survey is an essential aspect of pre-construction due diligence. It identifies the perimeter of land or property concerning the legal description of your site.

At LW Survey, our professionals will help inspect any recorded documents and execute a physical inspection to verify the boundary of the site. We will file the survey record with relevant agencies to determine any encroachment on the boundary.


Who Needs A Boundary Survey?

It is for those buying, improving, or erecting a structure on landed property. Surveying helps avoid the expenses and pain of defending a lawsuit, settling a boundary dispute, or moving a building. By determining the area of legal land ownership lines, you can limit transactional risk. Let’s now explore the components of the boundary survey.


Two Key Components of A Boundary Survey

The boundary survey is made up of two fundamental aspects. The two components of a boundary survey are:

  • Land Records Research- Land records research involves the review of records available. This includes title certificates, part surveys, deeds, subdivision maps, and easements.
  • Field Survey- As soon as the boundaries have been figured out, licensed land surveyors take physical measurements of the location. These sets of data are compared to verify any discrepancies.

At Land Survey, we utilize GPS technology, robotic instrumentation, and total electronic stations to execute boundary surveys. These provisions improve the correctness of surveying. As a result, by using qualified surveyors and modern instrumentation, software, and computer, you can anticipate premium quality and affordable professional services. What we do is known as the actual or legal boundaries of your property!

Other survey services include early-stage surveys that promise a solid foundation for projects. These are:

  • Expert Testimony
  • ADA Surveys
  • ALTA Land Title Surveys
  • Topographic Surveys


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