Our experience in supporting and managing cross country pipeline projects traces its roots back to our founder, Les Welch’s, passion for pipeline survey. Whether just a few miles in length or hundreds of miles long, LW Survey Company prides itself in providing unmatched services to its communications and energy sector clients.

Founded in 1998, LW Survey Company has developed systems, processes and methods of managing data through the “full data lifecycle” for more than 20,000 miles of cross country pipelines. Since that time, LW Survey Company has grown to include 10 offices in the United States as well as an increasing presence in Canada and Russia. In fact, we have more people with licensing and certification in more places than any of our competitors.

Our business is built on quality relationships with client and industry partners. We have secured master service agreements with the majority of the top distribution firms in the oil and gas industry. We also have long-standing service relationships with multiple large-scale full-service engineering firms throughout the U.S. in order to support the full-service needs of any particular project. These relationships bring value to clients through expanded capabilities that allow each firm to focus on its strengths.

Company Vision